A new generation of engineers


IMT Atlantique Bretagne Pays de la Loire - Identity:

  • A new school under the aegis of the Ministry of industry and the digital sector
  • A leading member of the "Institute Mines-Telecom" (IMT).
  • An Elite Graduate School specialized in digital tehcnology, energy and environment (A "Grande École" in Frecnh


To contribute to economic develpment through education, research and innovation


  • A new and unique broad-based engineering course, organized on several campuses.
  • Trains engineers in the convergence of digital technology, energy and environment.
  • Major emphasis on pedagogical innovation..


  • The reseach potential ranks IMT Atlantique among the top 10 in France.
  • Research topics in the field of energy and digital technology:
    Subatomic physics and nuclear chemistry - Energy and environment processes -
    Robotics and automatic control - Simulation, modeling, optimization, coding, decision -
    Design of electronic, microwave and optical functions - Implementation of fast algorithms
    for complex functions - Signal and Image processing, Big Data processing - Computer Science,
    Software Engineering, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence - Networked Systems
    (communication, energy, waste, water, air) - Humanities.

  • A significant contribution to the research development with 6 mixed research units
    (5 CNRS and 1 Inserm).

  • Funding of 3 ERC projects in recognition of the quality of its research (European Research Council grants),
    2 academic chairs and numerous scientific awards.



  • A global offer of business partnerships
  • 8 industrial chairs
  • 1 incubator on 3 sites (45 companies hosted, 15 new start-ups  per year)
  • An active contribution to regional economic development


  • 51 double degree agreements
  • More than 70 nationalities on our campuses
  • Master’s courses taught in French and English
  • 2 Erasmus Mundus programs, member of the European KIC EIT
  • Digital network, project partners of KIC InnoEnergy
    4 programs offered abroad (China, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Vietnam)



  • Label DD&RS obtenu en 2016 pour 4 ans pour les deux écoles d'origine.


Dates clés

  • Janvier 2017 Mines Nantes et Télécom Bretagne deviennent IMT Atlantique Bretagne-Pays de la Loire
  • Septembre 2018 Premier recrutement sur le concours commun Mines-Pont
  • Novembre 2021 Diplômation de la première promotion d’ingénieurs

Chiffres clés

  • 3 campus Brest - Nantes – Rennes + 1 implantation à Toulouse et 4 formations à l’étranger
  • 2 300 étudiants dont 1 400 ingénieurs et 300 doctorants
  • 730 diplômés/an du diplôme d’ingénieur au doctorat
  • 780 personnels dont 500 permanents
  • 290 enseignants chercheurs et chercheurs permanents sur nos campus, dont 110 HDR
  • 1 000 publications/an dont 330 de « rang A »
  • 70 M de budget dont 27 M€ de ressources propres incluant 18 M€ de contrats de recherche