Information Technology

Head of Department: Serge Garlatti

Assistant: Armelle Lannuzel
Tél : 02 29 00 14 06

The IT Department is heavily involved in training all Telecom Bretagne engineering students in computer engineering, whatever their final specialisation (IT area, SLR - Software & Network Systems stream...) The IT Department is also involved in other teaching areas (Networks, Mathematics) and plays a major part in the area of Projects and Scientific Practices (PEPS).


Research Teams

Our research is organised around software architecture (the Pass team), traffic engineering of operating networks (the Adopnet team ), assistance for dependant persons (the IHSEV team) and semantic information processing (3S). It is also part of the transversal research team TREE dedicated to teaching engineering.

Name and affiliation Keywords
Pass (Irisa Laboratory):
Supervisor:Antoine Beugnard
software engineering, software architecture, software components, mobility, composition, deployment, non-functional properties
Adopnet (Irisa Laboratory)
Supervisor: Annie.Gravey
IP network and service engineering, metrology, network and service architecture, independent networks, ToIP, anomaly detection, application recognition
3S (Labsticc Laboratory - UMR CNRS 6285)
Supervisor: Serge Garlatti
web semantics, information systems, virtual museums, communities of practice, human learning environments , workplace learning
IHSEV (Labsticc Laboratory - UMR CNRS 6285)
Supervisor: André Thépaut
service-oriented systems, service management platforms, home automation, human services, the elderly, handicap