The Logic of Practices, Social and Information Sciences

Director: Philippe Lenca

Assistant: Ghislaine Le Gall
Tel: 02 29 00 14 25

The LUSSI Department, present on the Brest and Rennes campuses, has a multidisciplinary team covering the areas of mathematics, IT, artificial intelligence, decision aid tools, economics and sociology.


Research in the LUSSI Department


This department’s activities mainly focus on allowing for the human factor in IT systems, be it psychological (whether cognitive or not), sociological or, on a wider scale, concerning economic aspects. This orientation towards "practices and services" is expressed through:

  • analysing and defining user needs prior to system design
  • analysing and modelling behaviours and impacts (individual, group or societal) prior to design

Rearch areas

These activities are organised around different themes:

Human and social science

  • Psychology (particularly cognitive psychology)

  • Sociology (particularly organisational sociology)

  • Anthropology (applied to ICT user communities)

  • Semiotics and linguistics


Mathematical tools and models

  • Discrete mathematics:
    • combinatorial data analysis
    • Graphs and associated algebraic structures
  • Mathematical methods in social science
    • Applied econometrics, panel data econometrics
    • Modellin in human sciences, mathematics and IT
    • Methods of nominative data analysis, quantitative techniques


Information and simulation systems design methodology

  • Peripheral and cognitive ergonomics applied to information systems design

  • Decision aid tool development methodology

  • Management of simulation and e-learning platforms

  • Experimental psychology and experimental economics platforms


Economic science and management

  • Management and  management psychology
  • Economics, business économics
  • Econometric applications


Research networks and common laboratories

The LUSSI department contributes to the activities of: