Signals and communications

Director: Samir Saoudi

Assistant : Monique Larsonneur
tel : 02 29 00 13 81

The Signals and Communications Department specialises in signal processing, data coding and digital communications.   We cover aspects of theory, along with the practical issues involved in implementing the algorithms studied.  Areas of application include submarine acoustic signals and radio signals for wireless communications.



Research in the Signals and Communications Department


The research activities of the Signals and Communications Department are mainly oriented toward signal processing and digital communications. Within the department there is significant synergy between these two fundamental components of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This trend is accelerating due to the considerable progress made in microelectronics in recent years, which has also opened up the possibility of integrating increasingly sophisticated signal-processing algorithms into digital transmission systems.
The Signals and Communications Department focuses on theoretical aspects and also their practical application on digital signal processors (DSP).  These paired skills, both theoretical and practical, along with the synergy between signals and communications contribute to the uniqueness of this department, as compared to other research laboratories in the same field.  The contributions of the S&C Department, particularly in the field of turbo codes and submarine acoustic transmission systems have earned it international renown.  
The department's research activities are financed by research contracts (private or public), with an annual total between €300k and €600k.


Partnerships and research networks

The Signals and Communications Department works closely with other IMT Atlantique departments on many research projects.  In particular, we work with: the Image and Information Processing Department in the field of medicine and image processing; the Electronics Department on the theme of error correction coding and integrating algorithms on Silicium; the Optics department in the area of fibre-optic digital transmissions; the Microwaves Department on satellite and automobile positioning; and the Networks, Security and Multimedia Department in the networks field.  
This collaboration favours innovation through the complementary expertise of the different partners and makes multi-disciplinary projects possible. This strategy is vital for ensuring the department's long-term competitivity in this field of research.  It is with this objective that the department has also contributed to the activities of the CNRS Labsticc (CNRS UMR 3192) Laboratory and the PRACom Communications Research Hub since their creation (which the department was involved in).

Industry Partners

The Signals and Communications Department has many industry partners. We could mention France Télécom R&D, with whom the department has historical links; large companies such as Alactel, Mitsubishi Electric ITE-TCL, Texas Instruments, the DGA (the French Defence Procurement Agency) or Thales; small and medium-sized enterprises such as IEE Telecom and INEO; and innovative small companies such as Sercel or TurboConcept.