Application process

Application processes are different depending on the type of programs you are interested in, and depending on your situation. Please follow the instructions below to make sure you follow the right path to join us at IMT Atlantique next intake ! 


Application for Masters of Science taught in English

  • If you a student from a partner university coming for a credit transfer/exchange semester, you should first discuss about the courses and the relevant semesters to join IMT Atlantique with your own International Office. You need to get prior approval from your University about your exchange project. After getting this approval, you will get in touch with us and we will send you the link to upload the required documents for semester exchange application at IMT Atlantique.


  • If you are an individual student, you should apply directly on our online application plaforms:

MSc in Information Technologies

- Architecture and Engineering for the Internet of Things  
 - Communication System and Network Engineering             
 - Data Science
-  Information System Governance


Apply !   


MSc in Management and Optimization of Supply Chains and Transport                        

Apply !

MSc in  Project Management for Environmental & Energy Engineering

Apply !

MSc in  Nuclear Engineering

Energy Production, Waste Management, Medical Applications

Apply !


Application deadline depends on each program, most of them are open from October to May each year. Early application makes it easier to solve financial aids and visa issues before the course starts.



    Application for Masters of Science in Engineering - "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

    If you are interested in studying  Masters of Science in Engineering programs taught in French at IMT Atlantique, you must follow a specific procedure which depends on your home institution:

    Online application system is open between mid-January and mid-March. Exams and interviews are organized respectively in May and June.

    You can also apply for direct admission into the Masters of Science in Engineering program through the IMT recruitment process in some countries such as India, China, Colombia and Brazil.



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