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First symposium Institut Mines-Telecom dedicated to information technology for healthcare

The first symposium of the Institut Mines- Telecom was held on March 6 and 7 in Paris, just days after the signing of the decree establishing the new Institute on March 1. With more than 90 scientific poster presentations and about 200 participants, this symposium on Engineering and ICT for Health brought together researchers working on healthcare in the different schools of the new Institute.

The symposium also provided an opportunity to measure the strength of this new group, to discover the themes of each team and compare experiences and results.

Christian Roux, Scientific Director of Telecom Bretagne, co-organizer of the conference.

The Institut Mines- Telecom, a leading academic and scientific player in the field of healthcare

Health is an area where all schools in the new institute are already offering custom made training, developing leading edge research and providing innovative solutions to business and the medical world. This conference demonstrated the diversity of actions which make the Institut Mines- Telecom so important in the field. For research, conferences on research in materials, bioinformatics, therapeutic gesture assistance, e-health, medical imaging, management of health systems, nano-medicine and autonomy highlighted the wealth of expertise to be found in this group of engineering schools.

The three ERC Grant scholarships awarded by the European Union to research lecturers of Mines and Telecom schools were the subject of specific focus: Jean-Philippe Vert from Mines ParisTech (machine learning for cancer genomics), Claude Berrou from Telecom Bretagne (neural coding) and Roisin Owens from Mines Saint-Etienne (Organic transistors for use in Biological ion sensing).

Training to meet the needs of society

Several interventions have highlighted the diversity of courses offered in engineering and ICT for healthcare in schools of the Institute:
– 7 double degrees have been recorded in écoles des Mines;
– 6 masters or specialized masters in Mines and Telecom schools;
– a summer school on Medical Imaging held every two years at Telecom Bretagne;
– inter-school courses and internal engineering curricula;
– links with pharmacy and medical studies.

The courses in engineering and healthcare at Mines de Saint Etienne, engineering training in ICT / Telecom Health Physics Strasbourg, the ICT and healthcare of Montpellier curriculum, and the Health / Environment course at Mines ParisTech have been the subject of detailed, in-depth presentations.. At the roundtable on the development of training needs, companies such as Siemens, or LESISS Interop’Santé expressed growing interest in these courses combining engineering and healthcare, opening up high-level international career opportunities to students. At the end of this first major thematic conference, the organizers (Didier Bernache from Mines St-Etienne and Christian Roux,Telecom Bretagne) and the participants expressed their enthusiasm. For Francis Jutand, scientific director of the new Insdtitut Mines- Telecom, “This first symposium helped to highlight the advantages of the new Institute and to demonstrate to industrial and institutional partners present the group’s strength in this important area of ​​healthcare, imbued with scientific issues, and significant technological, societal and economic impacts.

Contact : Christian Roux, Scientific Director – christian.roux@telecom-bretagne.eu – 02 29 00 13 62.

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