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Academic Programmes

19 October 2016

Bilan visite de Cécile Gerwel Proches, enseignante-chercheure à l’Université de Kwazulu-Natal (Afrique du Sud)

In September 2016, Dr Cecile Gerwel Proches from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) was a visiting researcher in the TREE research Group at Télécom Bretagne , through an Erasmus Mundus Inspire Exchange programme. › Read more
9 October 2015

Telecom Bretagne wins a place in the top 10 engineering schools on Twitter

With 5,680 followers (5,695 to date) and an increase of nearly 10% over the last 6 months, Telecom Bretagne wins 8th place in the ranking of engineering schools on Twitter published by Canévet & Associates... › Read more
9 October 2015

Meet representatives from Telecom Bretagne in China, Vietnam, Peru and Colombia!

Do you want information about an engineering program, an academic exchange, a Master of Science, a specialized master or a PhD at Telecom Bretagne? We are coming to meet you in Vietnam, China, Peru and... › Read more
8 September 2015

Start of the school year 2015: 379 new students join Telecom Bretagne

Thursday, August 27, 46 new apprentice engineering students (FIP) arrived on the Brest campus. Sunday, August 30, the School hosted more than 120 people at the traditional “Welcome to families” afternoon organized by the department... › Read more
28 May 2015

European Digilent Design Contest – second place awarded to the persistence of vision globe

Antonin Martin-Schouler and Nicolas Duminy developed a persistence of vision globe during their fifth semester with the help of the Téléfab (Telecom Bretagne’s own fab lab).This prompted them to enter the European Digilent Design Contest.... › Read more
17 March 2015

Career Coaching: when students help each other find their career

The engineering profession is multiple and extremely varied and it is not always easy for engineering students to make decisions that will profoundly impact their professional future. At the end of their engineering curriculum, graduates... › Read more
24 October 2014

A simple explanation of the origin of latency in the internet

Nicolas Kuhn, post-doctoral fellow in the Networks, security and multimedia department, announced the release of the video made as part of the work of the European Rite project (Internet Reducing Latency Transport). In less than 5... › Read more
23 January 2014

Why study in Brest?

Brest is the second largest student city in Brittany after Rennes. Each year, more than 23,000 students, including 2,200 international students come here to study. Why such enthusiasm for this city on the west coast... › Read more
11 September 2013

Telecom Bretagne, the first French institution of higher education to be included in the U-Map project

In August 2013, CHEPS (Centre for the Study of Higher Education Policy ) posted the U-Map website dedicated to the European higher education mapping project initiated by the European Commission in 2008. About... › Read more
10 September 2013

Back to school 2013: Telecom Bretagne welcomes its new students

Telecom Britain welcomed its new students Monday, September 2, in radiant Breton sunshine. With explanatory speeches, visits to the various teaching and research departments, and presentations of the many student clubs at school, the new-arrivals... › Read more