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13 March 2015

500 guests at the graduation ceremony sponsored by SNCF (French Rail)!

Saturday, March 7, Telecom Bretagne welcomed the 2014 graduates sponsored by Barbara Dalibard, CEO Voyageurs SNCF. More than 150 graduates, mostly with their families, made the trip back to the school for this unique event.... › Read more
28 February 2015

2 degrees over 4 years and on 2 campuses: an unusual choice of studies that paid off

After his Bac S, Pierre- Mayeul de Nicolay chose to enter preparatory classes for entrance to engineering or business schools. 4 years later, he graduated as an engineer from Telecom Bretagne (2014) and as a... › Read more
27 February 2015

One of our most recent graduates joins Talan as a Business Analyst

L’Etudiant (French review) interviews Mireille Ranaivondrambola her career and her decision to study engineering. Mireille Ranaivondrambola, a young Malagasy of 24, already had her mind set on engineering studies when she arrived in France after finishing... › Read more
15 October 2014

Stéphane Chazelas (graduated 1999) became famous by detecting the bash bug that hit a large number of web servers this year

On September 24 Stéphane Chazelas , a Telecom Bretagne graduate, highlighted a major vulnerability, Shellshock, for Linux based systems, Unix, Mac OS X and offered the community of computer scientists an appropriate way to fix... › Read more
23 January 2014

Why study in Brest?

Brest is the second largest student city in Brittany after Rennes. Each year, more than 23,000 students, including 2,200 international students come here to study. Why such enthusiasm for this city on the west coast... › Read more
6 December 2013

Support Telecom Bretagne and have your name engraved on one of the benches on the Parvis des Donateurs.

Time is running short, there are just a few days left for you to ask for your name to be engraved on one of the forecourt benches. To be part of the 2013 campaign, send... › Read more
2 October 2013

Hop!Liste,the collaborative mobile app to make collaborative shopping lists!

Shopping is often a chore ... making lists on bits of paper ... which we then forget at home, it’s so complicated! Two Telecom Bretagne graduates came up with a very simple idea: make... › Read more
17 July 2013

The summer get-together at Telecom Bretagne: where different generations meet up

The end of the year is an opportunity for some professional conviviality before the summer break. It is also an opportunity to bring generations of graduates together on the enchanting campus of Brest. The summer get-together... › Read more
16 July 2013

Medria, electronics applied to farming

It’s been almost 10 years since two graduates of Telecom Bretagne (class of 1992) created a revolution in the field of livestock farming by developing the first monitoring services covering early event detection in reproduction... › Read more
17 June 2013

Summer meeting at Telecom Bretagne: linking graduates, students and staff

Two days organized on the Brest campus are devoted to creating a friendly atmosphere in which to discover Telecom Bretagne’s developments and projects. The families of the students and graduates are welcome too, of course. July... › Read more