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23 October 2015

Telecom Bretagne’s Junior Enterprise geolocates sailboats

Established in colleges and universities, Junior Enterprise * allows students to undertake studies for business clients in the specific fields of competence of their schools. CNJE (French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises) published an article... › Read more
5 February 2015

Sailink – “the connected sea”: the first system for high speed Internet connection at sea

Because 3G phones and tablets reach their coverage limit a few miles from the coast, Thales, MVG industries, Telecom Bretagne, DETI and Alcatel Lucent have devised the Sailink system * - a miniature unit equipped... › Read more
26 December 2013

Telecom Bretagne alumni meet today’s engineering students

Monday, December 2, Telecom Bretagne organized a day of meetings between graduates and students. Over thirty graduates, representing twenty companies accepted the invitation of the School. Students were able to ask any questions about the... › Read more
8 October 2013

Sentimy: a startup created by second year engineering students

Sentimy is a brand new startup which has been present in the Telecom Bretagne incubator since September. Seven students created the Sentimy feedback platform which aims to strengthen the links between students and teachers. Kevin Bourgeois,... › Read more
16 July 2013

Medria, electronics applied to farming

It’s been almost 10 years since two graduates of Telecom Bretagne (class of 1992) created a revolution in the field of livestock farming by developing the first monitoring services covering early event detection in reproduction... › Read more
26 June 2013

Television serving the elderly

The company name, ‘Elderis’ provides a clear hint to its role. A newcomer to the seniors market, this software publishing company develops solutions to facilitate home support for seniors and to help to strengthen social... › Read more
20 November 2012

Telecom Bretagne wins the Breton INPI Regional Trophy

Telecom Bretagne was awarded the Breton INPI Regional Trophy 2012 in the "Research Unit" category for the exceptional quality of its policy of industrial development through the numerous patents and license agreements it operates. Each... › Read more
7 November 2012

From research to the company, home automation as a response to new challenges in society

As part of the 3rd edition of French National home automation event, Telecom Bretagne and the association Promotelec are organizing, November 26, 2012 a meeting on the Brest campus on the theme "From research to... › Read more
17 September 2012

Thomas Hedde (year of 2013) decrypts the incubator

Thomas Hedde, 3rd year engineering student at Telecom Bretagne, double-degree with Aston University, Birmingham (UK), recounts his discovery of the incubator and the entrepreneurial world. Interview conducted by Pierre Trémenbert, responsible for creation and innovation... › Read more
30 May 2012

Jin Jian (class of 2009) returned to campus to present employment opportunities in the Total Group

Invited by Lamyae Khibabi, an engineering student in first year and also Total Campus Manager, Jin Jian (class of 2009) came last Thursday to meet engineering students from Telecom Bretagne. Delphine Lucas, responsible for Internet... › Read more