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Students initiatives

29 April 2015

Earthquake in Nepal: Mahesh Poudel, Nepali student at Telecom Bretagne calls for solidarity

"We can not help everyone, but everyone can help someone." Mahesh Poudel, a student at Telecom Bretagne, used this quote by Ronald Reagan to conclude his appeal to students and members of staff at Telecom... › Read more
24 February 2015

3 Telecom Bretagne student finalists for the Fondation Télécom Prize for best internship

Each year, the Fondation Télécom awards a number of prizes for the best final year internships to students from the schools of Institut Mines-Telecom. Of the 19 selected entries, only 7 students go through to... › Read more
15 January 2014

All hands on deck for the 2014 season!

The Student Sailing Association at Télécom Bretagne was particularly active in 2013. Its two leaders, Michel Rolland and Camille Berthelot, organized sailing trips on Pogo 10.50 for students, doctoral students, staff and friends of Telecom... › Read more
6 December 2013

ArtLive Festival, “Acta fabula est”

Organized by three student members of the Arts Club ( BDA) from 21 to 24 November, the Artlive Festival aims to transport the senses and emotions of the students and staff of the School. And... › Read more
15 November 2013

The whole World is here in Brest!

To help students fit in with student life in Brest, the city has developed a friendly reception program, with the help of its partners, covering four major events. Two other events were organized specifically for... › Read more
5 August 2013

Ger Telecom “Starting today, trust the engineers of tomorrow to develop your projects”

Ger Telecom was one of the first junior enterprises specialized in telecommunications. With 600 potential participants on campus, it combines all the skills required to meet the needs of businesses in the areas of computing, signal... › Read more
6 June 2013

Music, Maestro! The students’ Foyer abuzz

"Music above all", the French poet Verlaine said. At Telecom Bretagne, students make time for a break at regular intervals throughout the year to get together for live music sessions. They perform in the students’... › Read more
6 June 2013

Kevin Bourgeois and Barthélémy Cabouat, engineering students at Telecom-Bretagne receive the special prize in the French Professional Ethics Competition

Kevin Bourgeois and Bartholomew Cabouat received Wednesday, May 29 at UNESCO, the "Special Jury Prize" in the " 2013 Promotion of professional ethics competition” for their paper entitled "ICT and privacy: Towards a revision of... › Read more
16 May 2013

The Adventures of Krabi at the French Robotics Cup

As every year for over ten years, students from Telecom Bretagne participated in the French Robotics Cup held from 8 to 11 May at La Ferte-Bernard (Sarthe). In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the... › Read more
12 February 2013

Accelerate Your Code” Contest : 17th place for two students at Télécom Bretagne!

Paul Blottière and Pierrick Brunet, engineering students 3rd year helped by Serge Guelton, associate researcher at the Computer Science department, were honorably ranked 17th out of 280 teams present at the Intel programming contest "Accelerate... › Read more