The Eduroam (WiFi) network



This WiFi network allows users of a higher education institution that is a member of the Eduroam network to obtain a wireless connection (WiFi) using their usual identifiers, in all the institutions that are members of the project. IMT Atlantique belongs to this network. Through this network, IMT Atlantique users can access the Internet with a high level of security (WPA encryption of the radio flow between the WiFi terminal and the wireless terminal (laptop, PDA, etc.).

Connection to the Eduroam network benefits from increased data protection (802.1x / WPA standard). This protection is activated not only at the time of authentication but also during the use of this network, between the connected terminal and the WiFi terminal. It is available only to IMT Atlantique users, educators, students and trainees who have signed the IT charter.

The IMT Atlantique authentication server is linked to the "RADIUS" servers of the Eduroam network,  allowing a higher education user to authenticate with his or her usual identifiers from his or her home institution.