Teaching and research departments

These departments play an important role in teaching and research. The lecturers constituting a department carry out their teaching in one principle area, and their research in the different laboratories and schemes/programmes.

Eight departments are situated on the Brest Campus (Electronics; IT; Image and Information Processing; Languages and International Culture; Logic of Practice, Social and Information Sciences; Microwaves; Optics; Signals and Communications), four on the Nantes Campus (Automation, Production and Computer Sciences; Social and Management Sciences; Energy and Environmental Systems; Subatomic Physics and Technologies) and one on the Rennes Campus (Network Systems, Internet Security and Digital Law).

Automation, Production and Computer Sciences

Image and Information Processing

Department of Modern Languages, Scientific Outreach, and Physical Education

Computer Sciences

Social and Management Sciences

Mathematical and Electrical Engineering



Subatomic Physics and Technologies

Energy and Environmental Systems

Network Systems, Internet Security and Digital Law