DELMA Values, Courses and Activities

A teaching dynamic focused on 3 core values

Our vision is to create strong synergies between the department's 3 IMT Atlantique campuses (Brest, Nantes and Rennes) around joint projects. In our curricula, courses and our involvement in student projects, we work to create a dynamic based on three values, namely: active pedagogy, personal development and respect.

 Active Pedagogy

This involves implementing an "embodied cognition" teaching approach: learning through action, commitment and the body. Commitment is, for example, a skill assessed in Sports and Physical Education classes, Sports and Expression (APSE) as well as in modern languages.

Personal Development

Giving each student the means to attain enhanced self knowledge through communication, innovation, project collaboration, the arts, reflexivity and openness to others.


Promote respect for  everything and everyone by discovering, understanding and enhancing self-knowledge, knowledge of others with their differences, as well as all living things.

Developing qualities and skills

The DELMA department's teacher-researchers are committed to giving each student the means to develop their intra/interpersonal qualities and skills in order to :

  • increase their self-confidence

  • define their projects

  • build their identity as a civic-minded engineer-manager

  • act responsibly and knowledgeably in their personal and professional lives.

Courses and activities provided by DELMA