Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences (DI2S)

The Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences (DI2S) draws on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of researchers in economics, sociology, management sciences and law. The DI2S teachers-researchers are located on both the Best and Nantes campuses.

The department develops research activities on socio-technical systems by analysing changes in organisations and professions. Its research focuses on three main axes: work and activity, digital and technologies, risks and resilience. It particularly investigates three areas: industry, health and the environment.

Responsable département : Bénédicte GEFFROY
Tel : 02-51-85-85-45
Assistante administrative : Anne COLARD
Tel : 02-51-85-81-15
Assistante administrative : Marine VASLIN
Tel : 0251858542
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Useful informations:
Campus : Nantes (44) and Brest (29)