Logic of uses, social sciences and Information (LUSSI) - Research

Researchers in the LUSSI department belong to the DECIDE, INUIT, ETIC or IRIS teams.

LUSSI research teams
  • The DECIDE team, attached to Lab-STICC, develops decision-making tools that take into account complex and heterogeneous data. These data, DBs, text, flows, signals, images, social networks, spatial data, contexts, preferences, or even previous decisions, are the starting point for the team's research activities. Correspondent: R. Billot.
  • The INUIT team, attached to Lab-STICC, is a multidisciplinary team whose research theme is the interaction of humans with systems, and human-human collaboration in the media. Research focuses on interactions with various systems (robots, virtual environments, social-technical systems, personal assistance systems, or simulators) but always centers on the human user. 
  • The ETIC research team, attached to LEGO, studies the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on the behaviour of individuals and groups. New uses related to ICT, new forms of social organization and economic transformations are at the heart of the team's research themes. Correspondent : R. Waldeck.
  • The LATIM team, attached to Lab-STICC, studies Health Correspondent: M. Legoff