Social and Management Sciences


The Department of Social and Management Sciences (SSG) develops teaching and research activities. The research team is multidisciplinary (Sociology, Management Science, and is linked to LEMNA (Laboratory of Economy and Management, EA 4272 University of Nantes) and the doctoral university, EDGE (Doctoral University of Economy, Management, UBL).

The Department is structured around two main axes:

  • Organization and Changes, with focuses on digital technologies and work transformations
  • Nuclear and Society, with focuses on safety, health and environment.

The next events of the department

Il n'y a pas d'événement en cours ou à venir pour le département.

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Responsable département : Bénédicte GEFFROY
Tél : 02-51-85-85-45
Assistante administrative : Anne COLARD
Tél : 02-51-85-81-15
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