SDG 15: life on land

SDG 15: life on land

IMT Atlantique support and organise events aimed to promote conservation and sustainable utilisation of the land throug various projects.

I. The POLLUSOLS project

The POLLUSOLS project aims to train future researchers and professionals in the management of diffuse inorganic pollution of soils and sediments in an interdisciplinary approach.

II. Conferences-debates

Conferences-debates within the College of societal transitions, created and manages by a research director of IMT Atlantique. Many conferences has been done on clean energy, sustainable utilisation of land....

III. Students projects

Students projetcs in which a personal commitment and a reflective analysis on the impact of their actions and on methodological aspects and SD tools are expected applicable to the engineering profession. These projects can be in the field of conservation and sustainable use of land.

IV. AFUL Chantrerie

AFUL Chantrerie created and managed by IMT Atlantique made available to the association «Jardins Naturels Vivriers» a plot of approximately 1.5 ha over a period of 5 years for:

  • produce fruits and vegetables while respecting the environment;
  • involve students and site employees in agricultural work;
  • promote these products in current circuits with students, employees, restaurants, etc.;
  • train and inform on food production issues, on biodiversity...

V. Ecossytems and their biodiversity

Extend existing ecossytems and their biodiversity, through various projetcs, natural species, bees, specific land to produce fruits and vegetables.

See the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Policy

VI. Sustainable food policy at IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique has put in place a policy to express its commitment to ensuring that food on campus is grown in a sustainable manner.

See the Sustainably Food Policy

VII. Policy on Waste Management

IMT Atlantique uses the services of Chimirec for the collection and treatment of hazardous industrial waste (HIW). This waste (acids, aerosols, used oils, solvents, soiled glassware, etc.) is directed to platforms to be weighed, analysed, grouped and prepared. They are then sent to approved treatment facilities. In order to better protect the environment, the CHIMIREC Group has developed 10 treatment channels using material or energy recovery processes.

IMT Atlantique has a plastic waste policy.

See the Policy of Waste Management

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