SDG 4: quality education

SDG 4: quality education

IMT Atlantique works to ensure access for all to quality education, on an equal footing, and to promote lifelong learning opportunities through actions internally, outside the campus, in the institution in the region.

I. Free acces to all

Free acces to all to more than 50 MOOCs, as well as access to conferences and exhibitions.

II. The equal opportunities system named BRIO

The equal opportunities system named BRIO was set up in order to provide, at the local level, an answer to the questions of diversity and access to knowledge for all. The objective of the BRIO program is to enable students from so-called «disadvantaged» to better plan for the future.

III. To participate in the promotion of scientific, technical and industrial culture.

The MERITE project is a collaboration between scientists from 8 Engineering School and universities and the rectorate of Nantes. It is funded by the State, the European regional development fund, the Pays-de-la-Loire region, and the Assystem group. This project develops educational resources for teachers and their students from grade 4 to grade 9 on various themes: food, environment, energy, robotics, digital...

IV. Learning Access

IMT Atlantique has a policy which guarantees that access to external activities organized by the institution or activities open within the establishment are accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability or gender. These activities, organized by IMT Atlantique staff but also by external speakers invited by IMT Atlantique and our students as voluntary students, can cover:

  • educational awareness-raising activities such as conferences or seminars organized outside the campus
  • events within IMT Atlantique which are open to the general public, such as themed seminars, discussion groups, public lectures, vocational training courses, ...
  • MOOC offers open to all eve those who are not studying at IMT Atlantique

Learning Access policy

Scientific publications SDG 4

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