Policy: Waste Management

IMT Atlantique has put in place a policy on waste. This politic cover the reduction of plastic waste and the disposal of hazardous waste, Non-hazardous waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and other waste

  • Issued byHeritage and General Services Department
  • Date approved: May 1st 2022
  • Date of reviews: January 1st, 2017
  • Approved by: President of IMT Atlantique : Christophe Lerouge
  • Contact: Roland Lerat


This Policy binds IMT Atlantique and all  staffs, external workers, students and sub contrators.

Policy statements

  1. IMT  Atlantique, in order to minimize the plastic waste has a comprehensive plastic waste reduction policy. About Food containers and packaging for take-out products: Services providers offer sustainable or eco-responsible or recyclable or recycled containers. Polystyrene containers are not authorized, as are those containing bisphenol A.
  2. IMT Atlantique assigns a service provider to provide it with a storage, collection and treatment service for its Hazardous Industrial Waste.
  3. This service is offered in perfect harmony with French legislation on Hazardous Industrial Waste.
  4. IMT Atlantique has a comprehensive waste management policy, thus helping to prevent environmental damage. The service provider undertakes to collect, on IMT Atlantique sites, Dangerous Industrial Waste, in accordance with the legislation in force and to direct it to approved treatment channels. The service provider offers a system for handling waste, from collection to final disposal.
  5. The service provider must comply with the legal and regulatory obligations and formalities necessary for the exercise of hazardous industrial waste management activities prescribed by law 75-633 of 15 July 1975 as amended, relating to waste disposal and material recovery, and on the other hand undertakes to fulfill all the obligations and formalities which are laid down by law.
  6. Non-hazardous waste: “sorting bins” operation IMT Atlantique equips its 3 campuses with selective sorting bins. IMT Atlantique asks school staff, external visitors and students to sort their waste. The sorting bins set up are 100% recyclable, French design and made from 40% recycled materials. They are also ergonomically designed to facilitate the work of cleaning teams. 
  7. WEEE Waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) 
    IMT Atlantique works the company TRIS, which specializes in the collection and recycling of computer and electronic equipment. The materials resulting from the treatment are recycled in order to be reintegrated into the manufacture of other equipment and materials.
  8. Other waste, contracts have been established with various recycling channels
    Recycling from the restaurant:
    • Hot composting of bio-waste: Compost IN Situ
    • Cardboard and plastic: Recycling Solution
    Other sectors: "Arbre à Nantes" : social integration association specializing in the collection and sorting of paper and cardboard
    "Marc SA": collection, sorting, treatment and recycling of waste.
  9. Recovery of used cooking oils
    Used cooking oils (all frying and used oils) are systematically collected with a view to their recovery. They are recovered and transformed for the manufacture of biofuels, detergents, organic soaps ...