Working at IMT Atlantique - Prepare your arrival

Your arrival at IMT Atlantique is prepared in collaboration with an HR assistant and a department assistant.

We will help you with the administrative procedures for your arrival and throughout your career.


Visas / Residency permits / Driving Licencevisa

If you arrive in France, specialized organizations can help you with your administrative procedures: visa applications, residence permits, driving licenses.


Driving Licence

Use this link to find out how to obtain a French driver's license if you already have a driver's license in your country of origin (outside the EU).


Health coverage

In France, any employee who has signed an employment contract with a French employer and who receives a salary, contributes to the national system covering social security, retirement and unemployment.

The social security system reimburses part of your medical expenses (medical visits, medication, hospital bills, etc.).

In order to benefit from this health coverage, you must register with the health services. You must register with CPAM Paris (SRI Talent for the beneficiaries of a residence permit talent-researcher) to obtain a social security number and to benefit from health insurance benefits.

It is advisable to subscribe to "complementary insurance", called a"mutuelle", that is to say a private insurance that you pay monthly. This will ensure that you will be reimbursed for the majority of your medical expenses.

Registered doctor

It is important to register with a local medical doctor to benefit from immediate refunds on medical expenses. You can register directly with your chosen local doctor when you arrive.


When you work in France, you automatically contribute to the compulsory pension systems. These contributions are deducted monthly, directly from your income.


taxTax in France is now on the Pay As You Earn system. The tax is deducted directly from your income by the school according to a deduction rate calculated by the tax authorities. For detailed and personalized information, contact your local tax office.