Working at IMT Atlantique - Skills Full Professor

Job description of a FULL PROFESSOR


Within the framework of the training and research orientations defined by the school, under the responsibility of the head of department, within a multidisciplinary teaching and research team and in close collaboration with the school's departments and directors, the incumbent of the position has the following tasks:

  •   TRAINING :

- design and implementation of training programs

- development of pedagogical practice

- contribution to educational management


- Academic and partnership research activities

- Valorization of research in relation to the needs of the socio-economic world

- Dissemination of research results

- Collaborations with industry and academia as well as regional, national and international levels

- Contribution to the life and development of the school, and assumption of transversal responsibilities




Design and implementation of lessons learned

  • provides, develops and coordinates a range of teaching in French and English.
  • deploys diversified pedagogical approaches, adapted to a diverse audience, promoting confrontation with interdisciplinary problems
  • develops his/her knowledge of the industrial environment and participates in educational activities carried out in companies
  • leads and coordinates a teaching team on the design of a training programme with a view to overall coherence (programme approach): needs analysis, relevance of teaching systems, evaluation systems


Pedagogical practice

  • Develops educational innovation actions.
  • Shares his/her thoughts and experience with other teachers to help them in their own professional development.


Contribution to the management of education

  • Takes responsibility for transversal activities related to the field of training: coordination of a programme, pedagogical supervision activities (projects, internships,) and tutoring, mechanisms for integrating students into training, assistance for the professional integration of students
  • Proposes and organizes national and international training programs in line with the school's strategy.



Research and innovation activities

  • Establishes and supervises one or more research teams in a significant network
  • Develops, manages national and international research projects relevant to the socio-economic world, which compete with the best teams in the field and produce results whose impact is internationally recognized
  • Supervise the monitoring in the scientific fields of his/her field
  • Leads an internal or regional research structure
  • Participates in national, European or international scientific networks and/or thematic groups (working parties) of learned societies
  • Participates in commissions to evaluate or define the positioning of national, European calls for projects or research structures


Research Valuation

  • Develops a dynamic contractual research activity with companies, carries out large-scale projects (direct research, collaborative projects, industrial chair), joint laboratories
  • Takes responsibility for standardization or contributes to a spin-off, or creates a significant patent portfolio or business
  • Dissemination of research results Involvement in book publishing committees, journals in his field or in committees organizing scientific conferences in his field
  • Ensure the dissemination of knowledge in the scientific community (articles, books, reports, conferences...)
  • Ensure the dissemination of knowledge through scientific popularization, publications, and interventions with the general public, decision-makers, economic and social actors
  • Constitutes and enriches the scientific orientations of the Institut Mines Telecom and the School within its field of competence



  • Contributes to the deployment of the international strategy, particularly through its travels abroad
  • Participates in collective missions, integrating recommendations, rules and constraints: juries, promotion and communication actions, participation in the life of the department and the school, decision-making and advisory bodies.
  • Lead and/or contribute to transversal projects or projects related to the deployment of the school's strategy
  • Integrates the sustainable development and social responsibility dimension into the projects entrusted to it



Level of training and/or experience required:

  • Authorization to conduct research or equivalent
  • Or doctorate within the framework of an international course
  • Or a very high level company executive with professional experience > 13 years old



  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to integrate into multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and research teams.
  • Fluency in English and ability to teach in English
  • Real skills and motivation for teaching, research and innovation.
  • Ability to adapt to thematic changes.
  • Pragmatic and able to apply his knowledge to operational systems, speaking to the needs of the socio-economic world or in the making (applied research).
  • Ability to work in project mode.
  • Open-mindedness, ability to self-assess.
  • Interest and openness to the business world.
  • Interest and openness to innovation in pedagogy.