IMT Atlantique Alumni: the graduates' association

The IMT Atlantique Alumni Association is an important community that plays a key role in maintaining links between alumni and our school. Chaired by Louise Lewonczuck, it offers a vast and diversified professional network, bringing together graduates from different graduating classes, sectors and countries.

Events, conferences and meetings: staying connected

The association regularly organizes events, conferences and meetings. These are opportunities for IMT Atlantique graduates to get together, exchange professional experiences and develop their network. Staying connected with classmates and meeting other graduates fosters a sense of belonging to a supportive and dynamic community.

Training and career advice

It also offers resources for professional development, such as workshops, training courses or career advice, which can enrich skills and know-how at different stages of the career path. Membership provides access to a network that can generate beneficial opportunities and collaborations.

Contributing to the institution's reputation

As members, IMT Atlantique graduates actively contribute to the reputation of our institution, whether through their professional success, their involvement in the association's activities or by supporting our projects in the fields of training, innovation and research.

As you can see, the IMT Atlantique Alumni Association is a central pivot for maintaining links between alumni, continuing professional development, and actively contributing to the success and reputation of our institution.

Would you like to find out more?
Contact Cassandra Berthelot, Alumni Relations Officer.
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