Join the community of committed alumni

As an alumnus, you help forge the school's reputation for excellence. To create an even more lasting impact and contribute to the future of your school, the next generation of graduates needs you!

Share your knowledge and experience of the professional world

Whether you graduated from the school 30, 18, 7 or just 1 year ago, from the generalist stream, via an apprenticeship or a master of science, your experience, expertise, skills and values are invaluable assets for our engineering students. That's why we need all our alumni to inspire, guide and contribute to their success.

Studies at IMT Atlantique include many opportunities to meet professionals. Whether our students are refining their choice of specialization, discovering the business world, preparing for professional integration, developing their soft skills or working on supervised projects, your presence at their side is essential.

By sharing your knowledge and experience of the professional world, and providing practical advice that can't be found in books or in the classroom, you enrich their vision and inspire reflection.

Your involvement enables them to identify with role models, to envisage their future, and to benefit from frank exchanges with no hidden agendas! Talking about your job, your career path, helps to boost students' confidence in their own abilities and goals, and to build a career plan that reflects their own personality.

Every hour spent with them counts, but we know how precious your time is. That's why we adapt to your constraints. You can get involved on a regular or ad hoc basis, at your own pace, according to your availability and preferences: interview simulations, career workshops, supervised projects, company visits, face-to-face or distance learning, etc. There are many ways to get involved.

If you'd like to join this proactive dynamic and make a difference in their careers, let us know your preferences by filling in this questionnaire.

Donation to Fondation Mines Télécom

Can't spare the time, but still want to support the school's development and the careers of our engineering students? You can provide financial support in the form of a donation to the Mines Télécom Foundation, directed to IMT Atlantique. This is eligible for tax benefits.

In addition to your personal commitment, you can also help us if :

  • you feel that your company would benefit from contact with our engineering students. If so, please visit our page on employer branding and forward it internally. 
  • you suggest that your company could become a partner (by donating part of its apprenticeship tax balance) or even become a sponsor of IMT Atlantique.