Promote your employer brand

Your employer branding


In a constantly changing employment market, your employer brand plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent. Our institution offers you the opportunity to enhance it by directly involving your company and your employees in our teaching activities and by interacting with our students. This collaboration not only enhances your brand image, but also connects you with the future engineers you want to recruit.


Your company's employer brand

Employer brand refers to the reputation and image that your company projects as an employer. This applies not only to current employees, but also to future employees, i.e. potential candidates. We know that the battle to attract talent is fierce these days: the shortage of young engineering graduates is such that our students are often recruited even before they have completed their training. According to our latest integration survey, 77% of them are.

Tasks, pay and working conditions at the heart of the decision

What's more, they have a choice! Gone are the days when they accepted their first job for lack of other offers. Of course, the tasks, remuneration and working conditions remain at the heart of the decision. But values, meaning, atmosphere, prospects, social and environmental responsibility and the alignment between words and deeds are now important criteria for young graduates.

It's no longer a question of finding a job, but of finding an assignment in a company that suits them and in which they will flourish both professionally and personally.

Our role: to create maximum opportunities and interaction between companies and our students

Beyond the training we provide for our students, our role is to contribute to successful matching! It's a well-known fact that the better and more favourable the context, the more you give of your best. This is essential if we are to contribute fully to the company's performance and play an enthusiastic part in the changes that are shaping our society.

This is why we strive to create as many opportunities as possible for companies and our students to meet and interact throughout their studies at IMT Atlantique. We are convinced that to promote your employer brand to young people, job dating six months before they enter the job market is not enough. The subject requires a variety of formats, periods and topics.
Our future engineers are curious, so seize the opportunity to come and meet them, to make your company visible and attractive, whether you're a start-up, an SME, an ETI or a large group.

It's in the field, with them, that you promote your employer brand!

Why promote your employer brand at IMT Atlantique?

Recruit young engineers trained for the industrial, digital and ecological tranformations.
The combination of high-level scientific and technical teaching and ongoing work on soft skills, project skills and management skills make them sought-after employees.

Forging links with a diverse talent pool.
Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, whether they are general or specialized engineers, graduates of preparatory classes or admitted on the basis of their qualifications, undergoing initial training or apprenticeship, bringing with them a wealth of perspectives and ideas. This diversity is the key to stimulating innovation and creativity within your organisation.