Recruiting your top talent

Recruiting your top talent
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Are you looking to recruit your future quality talent?
IMT Atlantique trains engineering students to meet your technological and industrial challenges. Whether it's an internship, a work-study programme or volunteering, there's no shortage of opportunities for our students. Making the most of these opportunities to introduce them to your business and your values is the best way to ensure they're keen to join you once they've graduated!


Recrutez vos talents

Recruiting quality talent in a dynamic market

If you're looking to recruit engineers, you know that they are particularly sought after to meet the challenges of digital transformation and the reindustrialisation of our country.
By getting in touch with young engineers as soon as they start their studies, you can anticipate your skills needs. You enrich the pool of qualified talent that is suited to your company. By welcoming our students during their training, you will appreciate their skills and agility. You can ensure that they are compatible with your corporate values and culture before recruiting them.

Anticipating your specific needs

By offering internships to students and recruiting work-study students, you have the opportunity to train them according to your specific needs. Your methodologies, tools and projects will be familiar to them, making it easier for them to fit in later. This, of course, reduces the time it takes them to adapt once they join you as employees: they're up and running in no time.

Diversifying points of view

By working with students, you benefit from their fresh perspective and knowledge of science and technology, thanks to the excellent teaching they receive. This can stimulate new ideas and innovation within your company, helping you to become more efficient and competitive.

Soutenance de fin d'étude

Creating links

By recruiting our engineering students, you create a special bond with them. This increases the likelihood that they will choose to work for your company after graduation. They will already feel connected to your culture and objectives, which will have an impact on their loyalty.

Optimise recruitment costs

Bringing on board employees who have already worked for the company during their studies optimises the time and costs associated with the external recruitment process. What's more, you minimise the risks associated with hiring unknown candidates, as you already have a clear picture of their performance and their alignment with your challenges.

Enhance your image

Offering high-quality work placements or sandwich courses to engineering students enhances your employer brand. It demonstrates your commitment to developing talent, as you are actively contributing to training. It also makes you more attractive to other applicants.
As you can see, when it comes to recruiting your talent, a proactive approach is essential to ensure your long-term visibility and attractiveness in the engineering recruitment market.

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