Recruiting a trainee

Recruiting an engineer on internship gives you the opportunity to anticipate your skills needs and train the right talent for your assignments, while at the same time enhancing your employer brand.

IMT Atlantique offers a range of internships to meet your business challenges while helping students to develop their skills and to take on more responsibility. Each student engineer on internship is supervised by a teacher-researcher.

Recruiting a trainee from our generalist engineering program

High-level training combining digital technology, energy and environmental transformations, with emphasis on the human and social sciences, so that you can be at the forefront of the technical and scientific developments that will be decisive for your companies.

  • Immersion trainingInitial professional experience in the company
  • Engineering internshipSolving a business problem
  • End-of-studies internshipA real-life work situation
  • Masters courseA six-month internship
  • Specialised master's internshipAn initial immersion in the company

Professional immersion course

The student engineer is immersed in the company for the first time. This work placement enables them to observe the workings and realities of the professional world. Students work in a hands-on position and learn about the different tasks of an engineer.

What types of assignment?

  • Production operator
  • Order picker
  • Design office assistant
  • Year of training: 1 (BAC +3)
  • Duration: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Start date: mid-June
  • Geography: France
Our advice
This placement is a student engineer's first experience of an industrial or technical environment. It should make them want to come back and take an interest in your professions and your business sector as they build their career plans. It's at this stage that the attractiveness of a job and a company can really come into its own. Don't neglect to advertise this internship!

Engineering internship

Students work on solving a moderately complex business problem. They will apply engineering and project management methods.

What types of assignment?

  • Solving a moderately complex business problem
  • Méthodes d’ingénierie
  • Project management
  • Year of training: 2 (BAC +4)
  • Duration: 2 to 4 months
  • Start date: April or June
  • Geography: France or international
Our advise
The second year of the general engineering cycle is marked by the personalisation of career paths. This is an opportunity to integrate into your teams engineering students who are beginning to draw up their career plans. Sharing your employees' experiences of life and assignments in your company can be as motivating as the assignment itself. It's at this point that the desire to pursue a career with you may be born!

End-of-studies internship

At their highest level of training, students work on solving one of your problems. They understand the overall context and the challenges of the project. They are in a real-life professional situation. They will apply engineering and project management methods. They will work under conditions of autonomy and responsibility. The internship concludes with the writing of a detailed report and a presentation at IMT Atlantique.

What types of assignment?

  • Solving a complex technological, organisational or scientific problem
  • Year of training: 3 (BAC +5)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Start date: April
  • Geography: France or international
Out advise
In a market where engineers are in great demand, don't wait until the final year to take on trainees: recruiting and retaining young graduates is a difficult art. For this long internship, which often acts as a pre-recruitment stage, don't hesitate to propose an intellectually stimulating project in which the student engineer can flourish.

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Recruiting a Masters trainee

Most of the students on these courses, which are taught in English, have international profiles. To validate their studies, they must complete a six-month work placement in their second and final year. This culminates in the writing of a detailed report and an oral presentation at IMT Atlantique.

What types of assignment?

  • Solving a complex technological, organisational or scientific problem
  • Year of training: BAC +5
  • Duration: 4 to 6 months
  • Start date: June
  • Geography: France or international

Bids to be published before mid-April

Our advice
Welcoming a student engineer on a work placement is always a source of fresh insight, even more so when they come from another country! This different vision and culture gives rise to a wealth of ideas and approaches, not to mention the fact that they can be invaluable if you are addressing markets in their country of origin. Interculturality can be confusing, but above all it's a wonderful opportunity!

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Recruiting a specialised master's trainee

Students on this course already have a 5-year degree and, for the most part, initial professional experience. The six-month work placement is the culmination of a highly specialised course. Hosting one of these students is an opportunity to entrust them with an assignment that will be the subject of a professional thesis.

  • Year of training: 5 years' higher education with professional experience
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Start date: April
  • Geography: France or international
Our advice
These students have a double advantage: they already have a solid education and professional experience. With this course, they also acquire expertise in a specialised field. So they'll add a lot of value to your projects during their placement. It's also an excellent way of anticipating the recruitment of the specialist you need!

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