Conducting a research project

Conducting a research project
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For a company, forging links with a technological university such as IMT Atlantique isn't just about recruiting. The excellence of our teaching and research staff, and the quality of our laboratories and facilities make our institution an ideal partner for your research and innovation projects.


Ways in which your company can collaborate with IMT Atlantique

There are many ways in which your company can collaborate with IMT Atlantique on research and innovation. You can choose one or the other, depending on the level of the scientific problem to be solved, the technical barrier to be overcome, the timeframe and your innovation and competitiveness challenges. Depending on your choice, the financial package, public grants and subsidies, intellectual property on results, confidentiality and deliverables will all be different. Whatever the case, collaboration with researchers and laboratories at IMT Atlantique helps to transform the future and offers many advantages.

Collaboration avec ThalèsHere are some of the key benefits:

  • Benefit from scientific and technical expertise: our institution's researchers and laboratories provide you with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge you need to solve specific problems or develop new technologies.
  • Access cutting-edge resources: IMT Atlantique boasts a number of research laboratories equipped with advanced technologies and platforms open to your projects, such as Arago, Mandjet or SMART. By collaborating with them, you benefit from access to these resources without having to invest in your own infrastructure.
  • Stimulate innovation: collaborative research with IMT Atlantique can stimulate innovation within your company. Joint research projects can ultimately help you develop new products, processes or technological solutions that will boost your competitiveness.
  • Solve complex problems: our faculty members are experts in this. They can bring an objective perspective and advanced research methodologies to bear on the specific scientific and technical challenges you face.
  • Take advantage of a multidisciplinary approach: one of the institution's strengths is its interdisciplinary approach to engineering, combining social sciences with science and technology.
  • Identify talent: when you carry out a research project with IMT Atlantique, you have the opportunity to identify and recruit promising young talent from among our students. 
  • Forge long-term partnerships: undertaking a research project with IMT Atlantique can open doors to long-term partnerships. Established relationships can lead to future research collaborations, joint projects and other opportunities.
  • Take advantage of financial levers: in a context where cooperation between public and private players needs to be stimulated, you can take advantage of public funding or tax incentives for certain research projects. This can reduce your R&D costs.
  • Enhance your image: working with IMT Atlantique helps to enrich your brand image, not only as a company committed to research and innovation, but also as a privileged partner of higher education.

The main collaborative arrangements

The success of a collaboration between your company and IMT Atlantique depends on effective communication, clear definition of objectives and expectations, and management of project resources and timetables. A successful working relationship brings long-term mutual benefits for both parties.

Here's a table summarizing the main ways in which companies and schools collaborate on research projects.

  Industrial Chaire
Industrial Chaire
Call for ANR projects
Joint laboratory Bilateral contract CIFRE thesis
Goal Advancing research, developing training programs, fostering innovation through cross-fertilization between industry and academia Collaborative scientific research project with spin-offs for private industrial partner(s) Pooling human and financial resources around an ambitious research & innovation roadmap Carrying out a research program using the school's human, scientific and technical resources Contribute to your innovation process and your competitiveness
Partner profile Group / ETI / SME Group / ETI / SME Group / ETI / SME Group / ETI / SME Group / ETI / SME
Duration 3 years 4 years max 4, 5 years or more Variable 3 years
Special features Work in the public interest: no confidentiality of results or intellectual property rights The results are reserved for the partners and may be the subject of intellectual property rights. Bilateral partnership, joint strategy for valorizing work, predefined agreement for sharing intellectual property The means, objectives, deliverables, ownership of results and financing are defined upstream of the program. Your company recruits a doctoral student whose work is supervised by one of the laboratories.

Other avenues of collaboration

In addition to research projects, you can also use our equipment and platforms of excellence for the industry of the future, entrust us with a research task, or benefit from a transfer of know-how or our intellectual property: we hold nearly 300 patents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like support in establishing contacts with IMT Atlantique's research teams. Contact