Supporting our technological university

Supporting our technological university
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Our mission, which is to train engineers, conduct scientific research and promote technological innovation, includes a major objective: supporting your companies' ecological and societal transitions. At a time when the challenges to be met in this area are immense, your support is an essential link in creating value. Over and above the long-term viability and competitiveness of your businesses, it is the place and role of industry in tomorrow's world and in the general interest that are at stake. Support IMT Atlantique, together we can transform the future!


Support IMT Atlantique and transform the future

Every year (as we have done for decades)

  • we welcome and train hundreds of engineering students
  • our teacher-researchers teach top-level courses and carry out ambitious research projects.
  • we develop and support innovative projects both with companies and with the start-ups supported by our incubator
  • our support teams are committed to enabling IMT Atlantique to fulfil its mission.

They all act, or will act, on a daily basis, in creating and sustaining a resilient, stronger and more responsible French industrial sector. This battle will only be won with the support of our partners and sponsors!

Your donations and contributions via the balance of the apprenticeship tax enable us to :

  • award social, excellence or international mobility grants 
  • accelerate the school's development projects
  • optimize the professional integration of our students
  • conduct ambitious research projects

So, if you want to demonstrate your commitment to society by supporting the training of future generations of engineers as well as research and innovation, support IMT Atlantique: it's an investment in the future, yours, theirs and ours. It's a win-win situation for everyone.