On-campus catering

On-campus catering offer

The Brest and Nantes campuses each have a university restaurant located in the immediate vicinity of the classrooms and the accommodation.

In Rennes, our students can access the Centrale Supélec restaurant or the University Restaurant, both located approximately 10 minutes' walk away.

These different self-service catering solutions give our students access to a balanced 3-course meal (starter / main course / dessert) at the competitive price of €3.65.

In Brest, the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day, including weekends and public holidays. There are also kitchens or kitchenettes in the student accommodation.

In Nantes, the self-service restaurant is open for lunch and dinner all week and closes after the Friday lunch service. All campus accommodation is also equipped with individual kitchenettes.

These services are complemented in Nantes and in Brest by a cafeteria serving hot and cold drinks, breakfasts, pastries, sandwiches, salads and hot snacks.

On each campus, the cafeterias are the perfect place for students to relax and unwind.

Sustainable Catering

Sustainable Catering

Boosted by its Sustainable Development mission, the university has for a long time been committed to offering environmentally friendly food in its catering facilities, favouring seasonal and local produce, as well as organic and fair options.

In Nantes, the service provider chosen to manage the restaurant now offers a daily vegetarian meal, fresh fish (from sustainable MSC-accredited sources), meats from respectful production (organic, local, regional accreditation), a fresh vegetable cooked daily from among the vegetables on offer, organic fruit and raw vegetables, etc.

In Brest, the association managing the restaurant offers organic meals several times a week, buys locally, and buys sustainable fishing products (MSC accredited). Half of the fruit and vegetables come from fresh produce.

The cafeterias offer fair trade coffee and organic tea in reusable cups. In Brest, at the request of the Sustainable Development Office (students), reusable packaging and cutlery are used (against a small deposit) to serve takeaway salads.

In addition to the contents of the plates, the sustainable development approach also extends to the management of waste from the restaurant industry with the implementation of innovative recycling solutions: hot composting of organic waste (Compost on site) or recycling of cardboard and plastics with Solution Recyclage.