Housing on Brest campus (Maisel) - Informations pratiques

Access to your accommodation: when you arrive at "La Maisel":

Your file must have been completed and the payments made to be able to access your accommodation.

The keys to your accommodation (room + mailbox) will be given to you at the Maisel secretariat.

You must carry out an inventory of the premises as soon as you take possession of your accommodation. You must complete your arrival inventory of fixtures directly online in the customer area within 48 H 00.
N.B, this document is very important because it will be compared to the exit inventory, carried out by a Maisel agent, at the time of your departure. The inventory concerns the premises, furniture and equipment of your accommodation (condition and cleanliness). Any damage, missing equipment and furniture, additional cleaning,etc, will be charged for. If the resident is not present at the exit inventory, no claim will be taken into account in the event of a dispute on their part.

Payment of rent:

You must pay your monthly housing fee before the 5th of each month.

The security deposit:

In order to facilitate your inter-campus mobility, we may keep your 300€ security deposit for the duration of your studies. You can of course claim its return as soon as you leave, by sending an email to logement-brest@imt-atlantique.fr. It will be refunded to you by transfer to the bank account sent when booking, within a maximum of one month and in full, if:

  • The exit inventory is clean.
  • all rents have been paid.
  • The keys to the accommodation have been returned.


You must inform us of your exact departure date 1 month before your departure. To do so, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Maisel.

Then, you will come to the reception to make an appointment to make an inventory of fixtures which will be carried out by an agent of the Maisel. If you do not appear at the contradictory exit inventory of fixtures, no claim will be taken into account.

The keys to your accommodation (room + mailbox) must be left with the Maisel secretariat when you leave the campus.

Les statuts de l'association Maisel

Consulter les statuts de la Maisel (29 mars 2018)