Nantes campus (MDE) - Housing


Studette à la MDE à Nantes

The 654 housing units offered by the MDE are spread over seven buildings, including one in the centre of Nantes.

  • 16 studios apartments with a shared kitchen are furnished with a bed, a work table, a cupboard and a bathroom. There is a shared kitchen for all 16 studios.

  • 50 ~30-m2 (T1 bis) apartments are furnished with a bed, a desk, and a kitchenette (refrigerator, hob/stove)

  • 557 studio apartments: all these studios are identical in equipment and size (18m²) and have the essentials to allow each student to live comfortably:

    • Bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin

    • Kitchen area with electric hob/stove, fridge, sink, electric sockets

    • Room with single bed, (very) large desk, desk chair, bedside table, shelves, wardrobe, table, stool, network connection and TV plug

The MDE offers other types of accommodation (studio and T1 bis). For more information, contact for information about these other services.