Student clubs

The student office manages nearly 100 clubs that animate student life on campus and foster relationships between students.

Theater, astronomy, dance, music, cooking... There is something for everyone! Student associations and clubs allow you to improve your skills or to learn the art of your choice. Throughout the year, you can also get involved in the organization of student events: the graduation gala, the Cartel, the Global village... There are many opportunities for personal enrichment and development.

They also organize trips (to the ski resorts, to European capitals), participate in the animation of the evenings... allow you to practice music, games and to discover beautiful things!
The school also has a Fablab and an astronomical observatory. Come and visit, learn and undertake!

Les activités des clubs étudiants à IMT Atlantique

The main clubs

  • Astronomy
  • Baby-foot
  • Pool
  • Chouc'AS (ski)
  • Movie
  • Cocktail
  • Cooking/pastrying
  • Cyber / computing
  • Latin dance
  • DJ
  • Chess
  • Fanfare
  • Card games / tarot
  • Role playing and board games (Trolls)
  • Networked games (Gaming)
  • Student Newspaper (CdV)
  • Karaoke
  • Mix
  • Photos
  • Poker
  • Pom’pom
  • Radio campus
  • Rock
  • Robotics
  • Sound & lights
  • Theater
  • UltrAtlantique
  • Wine and cheese
  • Sailing