Travel and transport

Access to campuses by public transport

The university's 3 campuses can be reached by public transport from the city's train station:

  • Brest: Tramway line 1 + Bus line 13
  • Nantes : Tramway line 1 + Bus C6
  • Rennes: Metro line A + Bus C4

The public transport networks managed by the respective cities all offer season tickets with preferential rates for those under 26 years of age. For employees, up to 50% of subscriptions can be paid for by the employer.

Alternative modes of transport

To access the campuses, the university also encourages the use of less energy-intensive modes of transport: bicycles, electric vehicles, and car-sharing.
Bike hire and car-sharing schemes are now available on all campuses.

Similarly, each campus is equipped with bicycle shelters, car parks with reserved spaces for carpooling and recharging stations for electric vehicles.

Travel / business travel policy

The university's travel policy clearly prioritises train journeys over air travel (due to environmental impact) or car travel (for safety and environmental impact).

For trips within the cities, the use of public transport is strongly encouraged over service vehicles. In Nantes, bus tickets are available at the reception desk for business trips within the city.

In addition, the university's fleet of vehicles is equipped with a mini-bus, 9-seater vehicles, utility vehicles and hybrid and electric service vehicles.