Two high-level engineering apprenticeship programmes


IMT Atlantique offers two engineering apprenticeship programmes, specialised in digital technology, in partnership with the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regional authorities (the regional council and the Institute of Industrial Engineering Techniques (ITII):

These two programmes are complementary in order to fully respond to the range of needs present in companies and the digital society.

The Télécom Bretagne curriculum trains 42 engineers per year, in a wide technical spectrum covering IT, networks and telecommunications. It prepares future network and information and communications systems architects and engineers.

The Mines Nantes curriculum sees 25 engineers graduate each year, who are capable of designing and developing major information systems and monitoring their implementation, in the software and services field.

Both programmes prepare engineers for managerial and international responsibilities.

Engineers who have graduated from this apprenticeship, of a high scientific and technical level, have access to a wide range of positions and lead rich and varied careers with opportunities for promotion in very diverse sectors. They hold positions with high operational, technical and/or managerial responsibility, primarily in major groups, but also in SMEs or startups, in France or abroad.

Enrolment in an engineering apprenticeship programme requires a three-year apprenticeship contract to be signed with an employer situated in France. The balance between school, company and a minimum nine-month experience abroad is organised on a different schedule for each programme.

For the IT, networks and telecommunications specialisation, the corresponding engineering degree may also be obtained through continuing education or APEL (accreditation of prior experiential learning).

Both apprenticeship programmes are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Institution until 2020.


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Technological industries Training Hub of Brittany

The Training Hub brings together two entities (CFAI - Industrial Apprentices Training Centre) for apprentices and AFPI (Professional Training for Industry Association) for continuing education.


Industrial Apprentices Training Centre (CFAI) Brittany

The Brittany CFAI coordinates the administrative and legal management of the Télécom Bretagne apprenticeship contracts.
CFAI de Bretagne, rue de la Prunelle, BP 221, 22192 Plérin cédex, Ph. 09674 7159.

Brittany Federation of Metallurgies Industries (UIMM)

Brittany Regional Council


Rentrée 2018, quelques dates à retenir :

Formation Ingénieur spécialisé par alternance FIP (Brest)

  • 30 aout 2018 : rentrée des 1er année, début de cours le 31 aout 2018
  • 3 septembre 2018 :  rentrée des 2e année
  • 10 septembre 2018 : rentrée des 3e année

Formation ingénieur spécialisé par apprentissage  FIL (Nantes)

  • 1er octobre 2018 : rentrée 1er année
  • 24 septembre 2018 : rentrée 2ème année
  • 1er octobre 2018 : rentrée 3ème année

 Ensemble du calendrier académique 2018/2019