Apprentice engineer specialising in: IT, Networks and Telecommunications

The Télécom Bretagne branch of the IMT Atlantique apprenticeship programme seeks to train high level engineering graduates who are operational and have a broad spectrum of technical experience, covering IT, networks and telecommunications. It prepares future information, communication and network system architects and engineers, as well as managers for the international market.

Since 2002,  some 500 of our engineering graduates have been working in professions and positions with important technical and/or managerial responsibilities in all economic sectors, both in France and abroad. Each year 42 engineering apprentice positions are offered to students who typically hold a two-year technical diploma. The apprentices who undertake this training come from all over France, and some from abroad.

Carried out in partnership with ITII Bretagne (Institute of Industrial Engineering Techniques of Brittany), training lasts three years, under block release from the company, including an international experience of at least nine weeks. With the exception of one month spent on the Rennes Campus, the academic training is carried out at the Brest Campus. The apprenticeship contract is signed with a company situated in French territory, after the field of apprenticeship has been validated by the school.

Apprentices do not pay any fees. They receive a salary during the 36 months of training, in accordance their age, level of training and the collective agreement of the company. They have the same rights and duties as any employee of the company, with regard to paid holidays, in particular. The cost of training is financed through the apprenticeship contribution paid by the company. During their training blocks at Télécom Bretagne, apprentices can be accommodated on campus in Brest and Rennes. Rent is only paid for the weeks they are present on campus.

See the FIP brochure (Formation d'Ingénieur en Partenariat - Engineering Training in Partnership).


IMT Atlantique engineering training specialising in networking, telecommunications and IT from IMT Atlantique on Vimeo. (Video produced by a group of third year students in November 2016)

Replay of the Campus Channel programme of 21 February 2017