Alexandre Dolgui

Alexandre Dolgui
Director of the Department of Automation, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing and IT (DAPI)

Alexandre Dolgui, lecturer at the École de Mines, is the director of the Department of Automation, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing and IT. He is the former associate director of the LIMOS Laboratory of IT, Modelisation and Optimisation of Systems (UMR CNRS 6158) of the École des Mines in Saint-Étienne.

An information processing systems engineer, a graduate of the Minsk Institute of Radio technology (now the State University of Information Technology and Radio-electronics), Alexandre Dolgui began his career with a Ph.D in cybernetics and computer assisted production management at the Belorussian Academy of Sciences.  He arrived in France in 1992 for post-doctorate research at INRIA (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation). He has also worked as a research professor at the École des Mines in Nancy. Accredited as a Director of Research by the Compiègne Université de Technology in 2000, he then took on the directorship of the "Production systems design" line of research at the Laboratory of Industrial Systems' Optimisation (LOSI), at the University of Technology in Troyes (UTT).

After arriving at the École des Mines in Saint-Étienne in September 2003, he became director of  the Centre for Industrial and Information Technology Engineering (G2I) for seven years, focusing on developing the centre's activities and increasing its profile in the scientific community. At the end of 2008, when the Laboratory of Information and Technology Sciences (LSTI) was created, he also became its director, until 2011, when he became the associate director of the Fayol Institute, responsible for research, then associate director of the Laboratory of IT, Modelisation and Optimisation of Systems (UMR CNRS 6158).

Author of over 700 publications and communications, and numerous books and articles, chief editor of the prestigious International Journal of Production Research, member of the publishing committee of 25 other international journals, president of several programme committees and organisational committees for international conferences (IFAC, MOSIM, ROADEF, etc...), Alexandre Dolgui has received several awards including, in 2008, the prize for best article of the year from the prestigious international journal, IEE Transactions, of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (USA), the main global academic society in industrial engineering. In 2013 he was also honoured for his research studies by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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