John KOSTOVSKI from Australia

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MSc in Information Technology
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"The courses provided by IMT Atlantique, although quite challenging, are truly interesting and provided me with a solid theoretical base that helped me a lot in the workplace"

After completing the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Project Management and Information System Governance. Knowing that I wanted to further my studies in Europe, I searched high and low for the highest quality programs that Europe had to offer me. I finally came across the MSc program in Information Technology at IMT Atlantique.

The program offered by IMT Atlantique was the only Master’s Program I found that was taught in both English (1st Semester) and French that didn’t require any knowledge of French to start off with.

From an academic stand point, I would have to say that the courses provided IMT Atlantique, although quite challenging, are truly interesting and provided me with a solid theoretical base that helped me a lot in the workplace. Besides the knowledge in project management, economics, information system governance and consulting the program also ensures that you leave with a strong technical and mathematical base regardless of the track you decide to take. 

Looking back at life on campus, Brest’s campus provides a quiet secluded place situated on the coast that even has its own semi-private beach. Campus life builds close-knit friendships and groups since you spend day and night with your classmates studying, completing assignments, partying at the “Foyer” or heading out to Brest to have a drink at the one of the many pubs.

By the end of the program, I can safely say that I was ready to live and work in France. Thanks to the support provided during the program especially during the French and Intercultural classes, I was well prepared to write countless letters of motivation, pass dozens of job interviews over the phone and in live all in French.  This eventually helped me to land an internship in Paris with CGI as a consultant in the Financial Sector as well as my first CDI with Accenture continuing my work in the financial sector.

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