IMT Atlantique student life


IMT Atlantique offer you a wide varieties of sports, cultural and artistic activities

In addition to the physical and sports activity courses included in your cursus, the  ITM Atlantique sports student associations offer you many sports activities, in competition or not: athletics, badminton, basketball, climbing, fitness, football, handball, kayaking, weight training, table tennis, rugby, surfing, tennis, sailing, volleyball, mountain bike, yoga...


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Student time it's for you, open to you according your taste !

What do you like ? Theatre, astronomy, dance, music, cooking...  according to your aspiration, student associations offer you the best conditions for an exellent  self-development .

Throughout the year, you can also get involved in the student events: the graduation event, the Global village... All these opportunities are  real rich moments for you

Vie étudiante sur les campus de Brest, Nantes et Rennes

Facilities accomodations are available to you on the IMT Atlantiques campuses

 Brest and Nantes campus offer you a restaurant which serve diferent type of dishes,  vegetarian food it's possible, you can to compose where it is possible to compose your menu according to your taste

type of dishes

On this catering facilities, the cost of a student meal is

  • 3.30 euros (Nantes campus) 
  • 3.65 euros (Brest campus).

Integration, sports and cultural events... the daily life of ITM Atlantique students is punctuated by tuitions and the extracurricular activities on our Campuses!

Because we learn better when we feel good, ITM Atlantique does everything in its power to provide you with an environment that is conducive to learning your future profession.

IMT Atlantique dispose de bibliothèques et centres de documentation sur ses 3 campus. Lieux propices au travail individuel, nos centres de documentation sont également ouverts et adaptés au travail collectif. 

Each campuse of ITM Atlantique has libraries and documentation centres. These spaces are suitable for both individual and collective work 


New :  2018 back-to-school season 2018 ,  the student social protection is changing

Find on this page some information about your student budget!