Masters in partnership

The school partners with masters programmes in several institutions:

  • the University of Nantes
  • the University of Rennes I
  • the University of Western Brittany
  • the University of South Brittany
  • ENSTA, Bretagne
  • Centrale Supéléc
  • Ecole Centrale, Nantes
  • ENS Cachan
  • Ecole Nationale et Supérieure d'Architecture, Nantes
  • ENI, Brest
  • INSA, Rennes

This ensemble of masters programmes enables first-year masters' students to test their inclination to research, deepen their theoretical grasp of a particular line of study and gain six months' experience in a company or laboratory, increasing their network in the field.
This step gives students the opportunity to understand themselves better, and follow their curiosity through their experience of putting together a multi-partner research project, with an eventual orientation toward:

  • a doctorate (in a laboratory or company in France or abroad)
  • an R&D position in a company, and more...
  • consultancy, potentially with assignments adapted to the situation, with innovative clients in particular.

This masters is jointly accredited between the school and the University of Nantes, and has the objective of expanding theoretical knowledge and developing skills in the area of subatomic physics and ionising radiation

  • Specialisation in signalling, imaging, embedded systems and automation (SISEA)
  • Specialisation in micro-technologies, communications architecture, networks and systems (I-Mars)
  • Photonics specialisation
  • Signalling and Circuits Specialisation

The Master of Economics and Consultancy in ICT and E-Business is one of the longest-standing masters programmes in the area of e-business (created in 2005) and is jointly accredited between the University of Rennes I and IMT Atlantique.