Masters of Science

Master's programmes on offer at IMT Atlantique

MSc accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Research

The European Joint  Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering, SARENA - SAfe and REliable Nuclear Applications aims to develop scientific, technical and management skills enabling engineers to work in all domains related to nuclear energy and applications with a strong international culture, thus allowing students from around the world to join the programme. It proposes two tracks, one on Radioactive Waste Managment and Decommissioning and one on Nuclear Reactor Operation and Safety.

The European joint Masters of Science in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy (ME3) is an inter-disciplinary program which brings together : (1) Management and Engineering ; (2) Energy and Environment, and (3) European and outside Europe collaborations. All these aspects make the ME3 Masters course a unique program in European higher education, and constitute the “raison d’être” of the university consortium.

The MOST program proposed by the IMT Graduate School of Engineering in Nantes aims to give a competitive edge to students and young professionals interested in industrial engineering and engineering management with a high emphasis on quantitative methods for decision making in the field of supply chain and transport management and optimization.

The objective of the Master of Science is to form project leaders or supervisors capable of managing complex engineering projects in the domain of the environment and energy conversion systems within an international context. PM3E offers a balanced program of management skills and engineering techniques for environmental and energy projects.