Post-master professional certificate


The post-master professional certificate are degrees accredited by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles.

These courses of around 13 months' duration including a company internship of six months are open to any candidate holding a master's level qualification (from an engineering school, a university business school, a national research or professional master's - e.g. master of advanced studies (DEA or DESS), or an equivalent international qualification) or by accreditation of professional skills.

The post-master professional certificate is a complementary programme aimed at graduates who already have, in most cases an initial professional experience. This course is also accessible as a continuing education programme.

The Master of Renewable Marine Energies has specific admission procedures as outlined in his course descriptions.
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September 2018 intake: online applications from 08/01/2018

Applications for new candidates close 04/06/2018

Preliminary selection : 29/03/2018

Academic selection : 16/05/2018

Admissions panel : 18/06/2018

Admission procedures

Required qualifications:

  • A degree from an engineering or business grande école
  • A graduate degree: research or professional master's, master of advanced studies (DEA or DESS)
  • A bachelor's or first-year master's degree combined with at least three years of professional experience with management responsibility (maximum 25% of the class)
  • An equivalent degree from an international institution


Online applications are open from January 8 to June 04 2018

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Enrolment procedures

Once your application has been accepted, there are enrolment formalities to be completed:

  • payment of tuition fees - see application and tuition fees
  • compulsory registration with student social security for candidates under the age of 28 (€215 for the 2016-2017 academic year). Candidates over the age of 28 may subscribe to a health insurance programme
  • proof of civil liability insurance (examples of preferential rates for school students: Smeba: €12 per year or LMDE €16 per year)
  • complementary health insurance is highly recommended

Conjuguez plateformes, mobilité et affaires


pointeur Rennes

This master's is offered at the Rennes campus of IMT Atlantique, at the heart of the Rennes Atalante Tech Hub (Beaulieu site).

This master's is offered at the Brest campus of IMT Atlantique, at the heart of the Brest-Iroise Tech Hub.

This master's is offered at the Brest campus of IMT Atlantique, at the heart of the Brest-Iroise Tech Hub.