Engineering for European and International Affairs - post-master professional certificate

Accredited by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles.


Applications open on: 08/01/2018

Final closure of applications: 10/06/2018

Admissions panel: 18/06/2018

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This specialised master's was rated 7th**** in the "Technological or industrial management" category of the  2015 Eduniversal (SMBG) ranking.

Director: Thibault de Swarte

Programme objective

The objective of the  Master of "Engineering for European and International Affairs" is to train business engineers for the international market in the dual context of globalisation, and the European response to risks of stagflation and the increasing power of emergent nations such as Brazil, China, Russia and India. The challenges are huge: the development of a European economic and budgetary policy, stabilisation of the Euro, harmonisation of joint policy towards the rest of the world... In this context, major possibilities are opening up for information and communications specialists. But they need to acquire skills in international strategy and management, and detailed knowledge of economic and financial regulations, marketing and law.

Our strengths

The new Institut Mines-Télécom, the first group of engineering schools in France, with IMT Atlantique in its midst, makes it possible for students to benefit from a research environment dealing directly with the themes of this master's: international management, managerial psychology, European law, new uses of telecommunications, the economy of emerging nations, and networks. Our pedagogical innovation is constant and significant. The three permanent members of the teaching team are all authorised to supervise research. Since 2011, our law lecturer has held the prestigious European Jean Monnet chair.  Beyond the general skills it offers in business engineering, this specialised master's is specifically positioned for law and marketing applied to information and communications technology, through both academic and industrial supported research (doctoral theses, pubimage, mobim@ge, expertise in marketing innovative projects, innovative mobility services, smartphones...). We are also involved in research in ethics applied to robotics (the ANR ETHICAA programme).

An environment of excellence

The "Engineer of European Affairs" programme is offered at the Rennes campus of IMT Atlantique. Only two hours from Paris, the Rennes technology hub, Atalante, numbers nearly 300 technology enterprises, over 17,000 employees (including 13,000 in the area of information and communications technology) and has seen very positive growth for the past twenty years. In addition to the historical presence of Supélec's Orange group, the creation of many very innovative SMEs, the development of R&D centres of international companies in the field of information and communications technology, the 2015 launch of French Tech in Rennes and the brand-new incubator on the school's Rennes campus have strengthened its influence on a national and international level.

Partner Network

In addition to the Rennes Campus's own teachers, this master's draws on many French and international professionals and academics.

Professionals: Accenture, Air Liquide (USA), Alcatel-Lucent, the National Electronic Communications Commission (ARCEP), Beijaflore, Bouygues Télécom, International Law firm Hogan & Hartson, Cabinet Thieffry & Associés, Cap Gemini, Culture  Patrimoine, COFACE, Deloitte & Touche, Gartner Group London, Il Nodo, Turin (Italy) ISG (USA), Logica Business Consulting, Natixis, Neuf Cegetel, Orange, SFR, Solucom, Siemens, Suez.

Academics: Paris Higher Institute of Business (ESCP-Europe), Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicacion (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia) ETSIT (Spain), Paris and Rennes Institutes of Political Studies, Advanced European Institute of Management (ISEG) Paris, International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations (ISPSO), LASCO Laboratory, Paris, Télécom School of Management, Télécom ParisTech, European University Brittany (UEB), Universities of Toulouse, Paris I, V, VI and XIII, Lisbon

Career opportunities

This specialised master's can lead to a large number of positions, highly sought after by companies, as their many job offers can testify: business or technical sales engineer in an advanced technology firm, product manager, information and communications technology marketing consultant. A doctorate is also possible (Law or Management applied to information and communications technology).

Candidate profile

The specialised Master of Engineering for European and International Affairs is mainly aimed at engineers seeking to acquire expertise in business negotiations, but also to managers, lawyers, economists or even excellent literary students wishing to be initiated into business engineering in the context of market globalisation. A very good knowledge of English, a definite taste for management, international affairs and exportation are indispensable.

Required qualifications:
- a degree from an engineering or business Grande Ecole
- a graduate degree: research or professional master's of advanced studies (DEA or DESS)
- Bachelor's or second-year master's degree, with at least three years of professional experience with management responsibility (maximum 25% of the class)
- an equivalent qualification from an institution abroad

Alumni testimonials

Mehdi Touati (class of 2004)

Mehdi Touati works as manager of marketing projects at IBM Switzerland, a sector with no direct link to his original training in communications systems engineering.

"The Master in Engineering for European and International Affairs gave me the necessary skills for adapting to a constantly changing professional environment. Combining marketing, finance and international management, this programme was the ideal transition between the theoretical student environment and the practical business world. I was drawn to the versatility and very practical aspect of this master's, particularly by the reference to case studies and various projects carried out all through the first semester. This programme was personally enriching, allowing me to carefully complete my scientific study path and, most importantly, it helped to open doors for me to a career in finance, marketing or management.
Every day I use the technical skills I acquired during the theoretical component. So, the return on my personal and financial investment has been very positive."


Jean Pagny  (class of 2010)


Jean Pagny holds a three-fold position at IPSIS: sales (client canvassing, need identification, writing sales proposals...), HR (identifying relevant profiles, managing recruitment interviews) and management (managing a team of consultants).

"After obtaining my Networks and Communications Systems Engineering Degree, I hoped to find a combined technical and managerial or sales position. That is why I did the Master's in Engineering for European Affairs.
This gave me skills in marketing, economics, management and law. The training is not only theory-based but also practical; the complementarity of teaching by professionals and carrying out marketing or technical sales projects, in my opinion, has proven its worth.
These different aspects of the training programme are not things I could say I actually put into practice every day, but they are general concepts, a way of approaching the issues and situations I am faced with which make me more effective.
Today I have a job which combines the technical with sales and management, just like the training I received. Thanks to that year of master's I was able to appropriate the necessary concepts for my profession and develop both personally and culturally.
If I had to invest in this personally and financially all over again, I wouldn't hesitate!"


September to March: lessons (400 hrs) and projects (240 hrs)

Introduction to Engineering of European Affairs (40 hrs)

  • Macroscopy of Business Engineering
  • Introduction to Business Strategy

Integrated Approach to Services Engineering (60hrs)

  • Trade and Markets
  • Services Marketing
  • Customer Relations (includes case studies in English)

Negotiation and Business Processes (60hrs)

  • Negotiation
  • Business Law
  • International Business Practices

Financial Regulations (60hrs)

  • Business finances
  • Management Control
  • Currency and international finance (includes case studies in English)

Dynamics of International Markets (60hrs)

  • Geoeconomics of International Trade
  • Legal Structure of International Markets
  • International Marketing

Business Engineering Professions (20hrs)

  • Former students present their professions
  •  Personal development and professional integration including individual coaching.

Strategic Marketing of New Media

  • European Networks and Media Law
  • Interactive Services Marketing (includes case studies in English)
  • Innovative On-line Usages and Services (includes case-studies in English)

Projects (240hrs)

  • European Project (in a foreign language depending on the student's native language)
  • « Innovation Marketing » Project (partnerships with Orange and the Rennes City Council, French national leader of innovative on-line public services; leading consultancy firms; and companies from the technological hub; in French or English)
  • Technical Sales Project (partnership with Alcatel-Lucent, in English)
  • Mini-projects (in flipped classrooms): International Finance, Strategic Marketing of New Media (in English), Innovation and Society

From March to September: a six-month in-company internship and writing a professional thesis (in French or English)

Programme information:

Thibault de Swarte
Ph: +33 (0)2 99 12 70 14
Fax: +33 (0)2 99 12 70 13
Email: Thibault de Swarte

Administration contact:

Administration fees: €60 for one option and €90 for two options

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees may be covered by professional in-service training funding organisations such as Pôle Emploi (French National Employment Agency), the French National Employment Fund (FNE) or a student loan granted by banks according to their specific conditions.

See the 2018-2019 tuition fees