Web Technologies and Cyber-security - post-master professional certificate

Accredited by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles


Applications open on: 08/01/2018

Final closure of applications: 10/06/2018

Admissions panel: 18/06/2018


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Director: Daniel Bourget

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Programme objectives


Master's presentation brochure

The post-master of "Web technologies and Cyber-security" trains professionals who are able to design and manage secure services and information systems.

Within their companies, graduates of this post-master are able to factor in:

  • the complexity of techniques pertaining to the web
  • the size, heterogeneity and complexity of company networks
  • the emergence of new practices
  • secure access to company networks
  • the diversity of offers within the industry
  • web security (protection from cyber attacks)

In keeping with companies' needs this post-master benefits from an extensive body of interaction with a number of industrial and academic partners: Thales Ifrermer, Autocruise, Enib, UEM,...

The master's primarily calls on the professors of Télécom Bretagne and on a number of French and international professionals and academics: ASI, Avenir Micro Distribution, Orange, Maroc Telecom, Medi Telecom, Banque centrale populaire, Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, University of West Brittany...

Career opportunities

The master's is designed to train specialists in web technologies, both in the design of new services and in the securing of systems and networks.

Example career opportunities:

  • Web services manager
  • Website design and architecture project manager
  • Research and development engineer
  • Networks and systems engineer (design, management and administration)
  • Research engineer (design, production, deployment)
  • Web entrepreneur
  • Website security manager

Candidate profile

Scientific bachelor's or master's graduate with three years' professional experience or equivalent.

General IT knowledge if required.

Required qualifications :
- An engineering or Business Grande Ecole degree
- A graduate degree: research or professional master of advanced studies, DEA or DESS
- A first or second year master's
- A bachelor's degree combined with at least three years professional experience with management responsibility (maximum 25% of the class: first-year master's + bachelor's)
- An equivalent diploma from an institution abroad


September - March: classes and projects

Level 0: harmonisation (120h); two credits

  • C language (18h)
  • Java and UML (42h)
  • Relational databases (21h)
  • XML (12h)
  • Systems and networks (18h)
  • General IT (9h)

Level 1: Distributed systems (60h): 6 credits

  • Paradigms and models for distributed software systems (30h)
  • Implementation of distributed software systems (30h)

Level 2: Programming systems and networks (60h): 6 credits

  • Programming systems and networks in Unix (27h)
  • Programming systems and networks in .NET (18h)
  • Programming a PDA in Android (15h)

Level 3: Design and evolution of information systems (60h): 6 credits

  • Presentation of information systems architectures (6h)
  • Functional architecture (15h)
  • Application architecture (21h)
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA), (15h)
  • Mechanisms of integration, conclusion (6h)

Level 4: Web technologies (90h): 8 credits

  • Basics of Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, JSON etc. (12h)
  • Basics of PHP + advanced PHP + Frameworks (24h)
  • ASP (21h)
  • JSP (21h)
  • The web and internationalisation (12h)

Level 5: Security (90h): 6 credits

  • IT and network security (33h)
  • Cryptography and content protection (18h)
  • Web security (33h)
  • Hidden networks and cyber-crime (6)

Level 6: E-commerce and business creation (30h): 3 credits

  • E-commerce (15h)
  • Web business creation (15h)

Level 7: supervised personal work (120h): seven credits

  • Bibliographical study (20h)
  • Engineering project (80h)
  • Project management (20h)

Total theory classes: 510h

Total personal project: 120h

Total master's: 630h

April to September: in-company internship and professional thesis

Programme information:

Daniel Bourget
Ph.: +33 (0)2 29 00 14 32
Fax: +33 (0)2 02 29 12 82
E-mail: Daniel Bourget

Administration Contact:


Application fees: €60 for one option and €90 for two options

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees may be covered by in-service training funding organisations such as, Pôle Emploi (French National Employment Agency), the French National Employment Agency (FNE) or a student loan granted by banks according to their specific conditions.

See the 2017-2018 tuition fees