Computer Sciences department - Teaching

The Computer Science department is strongly involved in most of the degree programs offered at IMT-Atlantique. These include engineering graduate, apprenticeship engineering, and some Masters of Science and Post-Masters degrees. Its members are involved in technical and scientific courses in the domains of computer science, discrete mathematics, and networked systems, but also in several courses where students soft-skills are key.

Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

1st academic year
Courses in the first year are intended to provide students with the scientific and methodological computer science background required for any engineer involved in software development. In particular, it includes theoretical computing (algorithmics), software engineering, object (Java, Python) and imperative (C) programming, relational databases, human computer interfaces.

2nd and 3rd academic years
Three themes in the field of "Computing and Networks" are managed or co-animated by members of the computer science department :


Apprenticeship engineer

1st and 2nd year
The Computer Science Department coordinates scientific courses in the field of object-oriented design and programming (Java), imperative programming (C language), and hardware and machine architecture (1st year) and information systems applications (2nd year).

Research Master's degree

Post-masters degree