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Learning Mobility of Individuals



Erasmus+ Key Action 131 - Higher education student and staff mobility throughout Europe

Erasmus+ KA131 is a funding opportunity under the Erasmus+ programme, specifically designed to support mobility projects for higher education students and staff. This funding stream facilitates international cooperation and exchange by providing financial support for individuals to study, train, or gain work experience abroad within participating countries. KA131 aims to enhance the quality and internationalization of higher education institutions by promoting mobility opportunities for students and staff, fostering cultural understanding, and strengthening collaboration between educational institutions across Europe and beyond. Through KA131, participants have the chance to broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and build valuable networks, contributing to their personal and professional growth.


Erasmus+ Key Action 171- Mobility of students and higher education staff supported by foreign policy funds

Key Action 171 (KA171) focuses on facilitating mobility projects for both students and higher education staff between Erasmus+ member countries and non-associated third countries. The primary objective of KA171 is to advance various aspects of societal development, including employability, social inclusion, civic engagement, innovation, and sustainable development. This is achieved by providing students from diverse academic backgrounds and educational levels with the opportunity to undertake study or training experiences abroad as an integral component of their academic journey. By encouraging mobility across borders, KA171 aims to equip students with valuable skills, intercultural competence, and a broader perspective, thereby preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of today's interconnected world. Moreover, KA171 contributes to fostering collaboration and mutual understanding between different regions, promoting a more cohesive and prosperous global community.

  • Current KA171 programmes :

    -  Lebanon (2023-2026)

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