Offshore programs

Drapeau Chine   IFCEN - French-Chinese Nuclear Energy Institute

The French-Chinese Nuclear Energy Institute (IFCEN) was founded in 2009 within the Sun Yat-Sen University, located in the Guangzhou region, to meet the needs of the Chinese nuclear industry.

The project was initially led by the industrial firms AREVA, EDF, Bureau Veritas and the Chinese CGN, to which was added a consortium of French-Chinese institutions: IMT Atlantique, Chimie ParisTech, Ecole de Chimie de Montpellier, INSTN, INP Grenoble, and Sun Yat-Sen University.

The IFCEN trains roughly one hundred students per year on the model of the French Grandes Ecoles. The curriculum begins with 3 years of preparatory classes, including 5 months of intensive French language learning. The complete training program lasts six years, including several internships and dissertations, until the obtention of the Engineering degree, accredited by the French CTI (Commission des titres d'ingénieur). This degree is thus recognized both in China and in France.

IMT Atlantique contributes to the quality of the training by sending professors and specialists in the nuclear field to teach on-site each year.

IMT Atlantique has also signed an exchange agreement with the IFCEN, offering international mobility opportunities to students from both institutions.

Both institutions are currently working towards a double-degree agreement.


Drapeau Vietnam   PFIEV - Excellence Program for Engineering Training in Vietnam

The PFIEV, supported since 1997 by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, is delivered in 4 Vietnamese universities: Hanoi Polytechnic Institute, Danang Polytechnic Institute, Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic Institute and Hanoi National School of Civil Engineering.

The program is inspired by the model of the French Grandes Ecoles of Engineering and is supported by a French consortium involving: IMT Atlantique, Ecoles des Ponts Paris, Ecole Centrale Paris, INP Toulouse, ISAE-ENSMA, INP Grenoble, INSA Lyon, Polytech Marseille and the Louis Le Grand high school.

The training program lasts 5 years and is divided into two cycles: in the first cycle, the student is trained in basic scientific knowledge and also receives sustained foreign language (French and English) and social sciences training. During the second cycle, the engineering student acquires advanced technical know-how but also experience of the business world. Internships, experimental teaching, and training in management and economics are an integral part of the program.

This Excellence program, officially accredited by the French Commission des titres d'ingénieur (CTI), is the first internationally recognised, Vietnamese program at Master level.

The expertise developed within the PFIEV has also enabled these 4 Vietnamese institutions to obtain the French HCERES( High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education ) accreditation.

The PFIEV delivers engineering degrees in 4 majors (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering), which offer 18 specific options.

IMT Atlantique's contribution is in the field of Telecommunications.


Drapeau Sénégal   IMT Dakar

IMT (Institut Mines Télécom) is actively involved in the dynamics of African economic growth. IMT and Sup de Co Dakar have designed a Bachelor's degree in "Innovation, Management and Digital Technologies" within the framework of the "French-Senegalese Campus", an initiative of Presidents Emmanuel MACRON and Macky SALL whose aim is to co-construct innovative training courses between French and Senegalese institutions.

This program aims to train qualified middle managers, in order to accompany the digital transformation of the African economy. It is delivered over 3 years at Sup de Co Dakar, focuses on digital technologies, frugal innovation and agile methods. Students acquire a double technical and managerial competence in those fields. On completion of the training, they obtain a Senegalese bachelor's degree and a bachelor's degree from IMT.

The content of the program was developed by Sup de Co Dakar and affiliated member schools of IMT, including IMT Atlantique. IMT Atlantique teachers are involved in the program every year.