European Project: EASTEM

The new EASTEM 2019-2021 project "Euro-Asia Collaboration for Enhancing STEM Education", funded for 1 million Euros over 3 years, focuses on "Capacity Building" with Universities in South East Asia. This project, supported by the IT Department in Brest, ensuring long-term relationships with other international engineering schools, particularly via the CDIO network, involves IMT Atlantique in the European and global ecosystem for higher education in engineering.

EASTEM supports the modernization of the higher education systems of the 10 reactive universities in 3 partner countries: Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. As part of the internationalization of higher education, this project aims to strengthen the visibility of research and innovative educational actions of IMT Atlantic on South East Asia, the visibility of its teacher-researchers and of its position as a leading Technological University.

The kick-off meeting was held in Saigon at HCMUTE at the end of February 2019, with nearly 50 participants, mainly directors of STEM Schools studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Maths). A / Prof. Sr. Rouvrais (Dpt INFO Brest) and Dr. G. Jacovetti (CARAE) were able to present the model of integrated internships to the curriculum "à la Française" for the development of professional skills then animate a first collaborative session on models of improvement continues to strengthen skills and training approaches in STEM to stimulate a truly flexible culture of quality assurance. The next meeting will be held at Uppsala University in May to design a training package on competency and content alignment in project-based pedagogies.


Objectives of EASTEM : 

  • Improve the quality, relevance and governance of higher STEM training in partner countries;

  • Strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions and their cooperation plans;

  • Improve the employability of graduates with regard to Industry of the future and 4.0, by reinforcing the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary character of STEM training


EASTEM 2019-2021 priorities & tasks:

  1. Workpackage 1: Accelerate the implementation of the skills approach to realign curricula;
  2. Workpackage 2:Initiate and / or strengthen the management and administration of STEM Learning Labs & Centers at Asian partners;
  3. Workpackage 3: Propose the implementation of a continuous improvement approach for skills-oriented training programs and Learning Labs & Associated Centers.