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MSc in Engineering (“Diplôme d’Ingénieur”) students

To fulfil the international experience requirement, you may complete an internship abroad in a company or a research organisation. The duration will depend on the type of internship envisaged (from one to three months for a short internship, from six to 12 months for a long internship and six months for a final year internship).

Apprenticeship students

The international professional assignment must be carried out in an organisation (company, research laboratory or NGO) and must be linked to the development of engineering skills. An agreement in principle on the part of the employer is required prior to signing the apprenticeship contract.

The minimum duration is nine weeks and apprenticeships are usually scheduled between academic terms four and five.

Placement year

Engineering students who wish to do so may leave for an entire school year, between the second and third year of study for a junior engineer's assignment. This may be done abroad in the form of a short-term contract, an internship or a humanitarian mission.


Summer School abroad

Each summer, partner universities and others offer two to eight-week short courses of a scientific and/or linguistic nature. This alternative, in addition to offering you the opportunity to discover another culture during the summer season, gives you the possibility of acquiring additional ECTS credits.

A summer school may also be integrated into your required stay abroad. The number of weeks spent will be deducted accordingly.

Bear in mind that most of our partners offer preferential fees for our students.

See all of the available offers on the intranet.


Humanitarian missions

         ⇒Through IMT Atlantique: “Teubreux Sans Frontières” (humanitarian organisation initiated by Telecom Bretagne) 

Countries : Senegal, Nicaragua

Each year a group of students sets out on a venture to support a developing country through bringing concrete assistance, such as :

- providing I.T. materials in different regions

- giving basic I.T. and office software training

- providing construction materials for infrastructure

If you would also be interested in taking up this challenge, contact the “Teubreux Sans Frontières” association.

More than just an experience, it's a true social commitment !

        ⇒ Through your own network

Students are free to make their own way and choose their own humanitarian organisation to spend a summer with, or sometimes longer.

Snapshot : François Fourcade/ Philippines


Do it your way ! Work it out !


François Fourcade
François Fourcade
François Fourcade
François Fourcade
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