Double degrees

Each year, many of our students go abroad in order to otbain a double degree from a foreign university or a Graduate School.

This opportunity is also available to you. It is possible from the last year of your studies at IMT Atlantique.

The duration can be 12, 18 or 24 months and will depend entirely on the destination you choose, so it may be necessary to apply for an extension on the standard end of course date.


► The concept is simple

You choose a masters-level study program that matches your skills at the end of the second year. The study abroad program is governed by double degree agreements established between IMT Atlantique and its partner universities. The credits obtained are taken into account for your graduation from IMT Atlantique as well as the partner university.


► Double degree agreements

A long-term immersion in the university of your choice will truly enable you to soak up the local culture and improve your language level, all the while enabling you to obtain two degrees.

One program, two degrees!

Check our academic partners


► Associated programs

EIT Digital Master School

EIT Digital is a major European program for innovation and business creation in the area of information technology.

Institut Mines-Telecom has been a member of the EIT Digital Labs consortium since its creation..

21 reputed universities are associated, offering programs in eight major fields and the possibility of obtaining three degrees with a course extension of only one year.

One program, three degrees!


⇒ Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus programs enable the acquisition of joint degrees with partner universities. Contact us for more information!

⇒ “A la carte” programs

Do you have a particular idea, goal or program in mind? Come and talk to us about it!

A longer term study abroad program adapted to your goals!


Leslie Ribière
Leslie Ribière
Leslie Ribière
Leslie Ribière
Squalli-Houssaini Hammad
Squalli-Houssaini Hammad
BLANCHET Florian S4 16 17
BLANCHET Florian S4 16 17


For any question please contact the Department of International Relations and Academic Partners (DRIPA) :


IMT Atlantique students will find more details on IMT Atlantique intranet

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