Application process


How to apply for our Masters of Science?

1/ Eligibility and application deadlines

  • Eligibility

You are interested to come to IMT Atlantique as an exchange/double degree student and want to know if you are eligible?

You can only apply as an exchange/ double degree student if your home institution has a valid agreement with IMT Atlantique and if you have been selected and nominated through Mobility Online. To check if there is an agreement between our two institutions please contact your international office or check the list of our academic partners.

What courses are available for exchange/ double degree students?

Depending on your academic background and your language skills, different options are available.

  • Application deadlines
Fall semester From October 01st to June 01st
Spring semester From March 15th to November 15th
Full academic year From October 01st to June 01st


2/ Application process on Mobility Online

What is Mobility Online?

Mobility Online is the online software used by IMT Atlantique to manage incoming mobility. The student portal is called "Workflow", it gives you an overview of the application process and allows you to complete the different tasks.

Step by step application process:

1. Nomination by your home institution

2. Register

3. Fill in the application form

4. Upload the required documents: CV, Motivation letter, University transcripts, Copy of bachelor degree, Copy of English or French test results for non-native speakers, reference letters

Read the detailed application process guideline


3/ Contact

For any question, please contact the International office:



How to apply for our Short Programs?

Click here to find out more about the French Summer School and here for the WASAA Academy